Strategies to customize responsible gambling messages

Popup messages has been used frequently and for a long time as a tool to help customers to make informed choices about their playing and to encourage a healthy playing. If it works or not, the researchers still argues about!

However, it is generally accepted among researchers that players have different risk levels for developing gambling problems and that requires different tools to reduce the risks in the gamblingproduct.

For this reason, it would be reasonable to also target pop-up messages and specific groups of players. But how should the messages look like and which groups are receptive to this type of message?

Sally M. Gainsbury, from the University of Sydney. Have recently released a report from a research project they conducted to study which messages work best for different types of risk groups. 
The project aimed to understand the hypotheses of differences between different risk groups and how they receive and experience different messages. In order to make them more relevant to the recipient. 
Results of this research shows quite unexpectedly that the formulation of the message content is likely to affect the effectiveness of different groups of players when it comes to getting players to use different kinds of responsible gambling tools. The report also contains suggestions for messages to different target groups. Follow the link to the right if you want to read the report.