Exciting and distinguished professors, researchers and professionals.
We are pleased to have linked the most recognized names in the CSR area to our education. It ensures a well-founded basis in the education as well as interesting and relevant lectures and case studies

Petra Forsström, Founder & owner, Sustain Your Value 

Petra, who is the initiator of this education has a long and wide experience from the gambling industry. From strategic change work to operational delivery and follow-up. Petra has worked at Svenska Spel, both as sales marketing manager and CSR manager, has been responsible for SPER. Served in both EL and WLA's working groups for CSR. Worked as a consultant in both global and national gambling companies and The Swedish Gambling Authority. The list is long. For the last 3 years, Petra has been in ATG's Board on the Government's mandate

Mark Griffiths, Distinguished Professor, Nottingham Trent University

Professor Griffiths is highly research active and has published over 670 refereed papers, five books, 150+ book chapters, and over 1200 other articles mostly in the area of behavioural addictions. His current research projects includes e.g behavioural tracking projects examining online gambling and the utility of social responsibility tools. He has won 18 national and international awards for his research.

Thomas Nilsson, Leg Psychologist and founder of Sustainable Interaction (former Spelinstitutet)

Thomas is a respected psychologist with extensive experience in gambling disorder, care and treatment as well as responsible gaming Thomas is a recognized in both Europe, the United States and Canada has worked with many responsible gambling companies, both outside and within Europe.

Dr. Jonathan PARKE, Sophro Ltd., United Kingdom

Jonathan Parke is an independent research consultant at ‘Sophro’ and has adjunct positions at the University of Salford, Manchester and the University of Bangor, Wales. He has served as a principal investigator on a variety of government, industry and research council sponsored research projects most of which focusing on gambling behaviour. In his previous role, he was the Director of Commissioning for the Responsible Gambling Trust (RGT) in Great Britain. In terms of education and training, Dr. Parke has developed, delivered and managed university level courses and corporate training programs in gambling studies over the last decade including undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in Gambling Studies at the University of Salford. 

Tommy Borglund, Assistant Professor, PhD. Specializing in Corporate Social Responsibility Örebro University School of Business

Tommy has extensive experience and has done research in the area of CSR. With a background from, among others, the Stockholm School of Business and the University in Uppsala. He is now teaching at Örebro University's master education and as a consultant at several large Swedish companies. Tommy has written several books on the subject.

Zenita Strandänger, Founder and owner, Strandänger&Medvall AB

Zenita has her background at
Svenska Spel, where she had many different management positions, from sales representatives to sustainability and communication. For the last ten years she has been Sustainability Manager at Svenska Spel and Acting Communications Manager in 2013.
Where she pursued the development of Svenska Spel's gaming responsibilities. Her experience spans everything from strategy to follow-up.
She has also been Chairman of SPER (Board of Directors of the Games Market), Board member of CSR Sweden, and has established the Sustainable Gotland Network, where she is chairman.

Per Binde, Associate professor, School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg

Per’s interest in gambling is broad, including the cultural dimension of gambling, gambling advertising, mutual support societies, analysis of prevalence study data, and gambling and crime. Per is member of the international advisory board of the Swedish Longitudinal Gambling Studies (Swelogs). He has been involved in gambling regulation in various ways and was for seven years member of the board of directors of the Swedish Gambling Authority

Monica has been working for CSR strategy and International relations over the past six years, acting head of Sustainability in 2013. She has been in charge of the department for Business Intelligence  and Market analysis for five years. She joined the International business area within Svenska Spel. Has been a member of  SPERs (The Swedish Gambling Association)  Responsible gaming group and a member of the European Lottery’s CSR and Responsible Gaming Working Group for several years and contributing to the industry’s first CSR guidelines. Please read more